TF2000 Project (Turkish Type Frigate Design Project)

It is aimed at obtaining the open water performance of the propeller of the Turkish Type Frigate developed in the TF2000 Project with cavitation tunnel tests, determining the speed at which the designed propeller cavitates, the cavitation appearance at high speeds, and performing noise and hull pressure measurements under different conditions with behind-ship-model cavitation tests. As a result of the test results, it was evaluated to identify and optimize the situations requiring improvement. In this context, model experiments of the TF2000 project, a defense industry project, were carried out at ITÜKAT. As a result of the experiments, it was seen that the developed frigate met expectations.


Related staffs:
Prof. Dr. Emin Korkut
Prof. Dr. Ömer Gören
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ugur O. Ünal
Res. Asst. Cağatay S. Köksal, PhD
Res. Asst. Cağrı Aydın, MSc
Res. Asst. Selahattin Özsayan, MSc
Res. Asst. Aras Çetinkaya, MSc