Faculty Members serving on National and International Committees

Many of our faculty is expert on study topics and rightfully serve on both national and international committees: Below you can find information on these duties:

  • Prof. Dr. Ahmet ERGIN, serves on committees:
    • International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC), Turkish Delegate since 2012
    • Asian-Pacific Technical Exchange and Advisory Meeting on Marine Structures, Member of the International Organizing Committee, since 2006
    • Turkish Defense Industry Agency, Acoustic ODAK Technology Network (OTAĞ), Acoustic Propagation/Environment Modeling and Simulation ODAK Working Group Leader and Steering Committee Member, since 2020
  • Prof. Dr. Selma ERGIN serves on:

    • International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean, Representative of Turkiye, since 2011

The related staff:
Prof. Selma Ergin
Prof.  Ahmet Ergin