Development of a multi-purpose autonomous charging vessel and its digital twin

In this study, it is the realization of both a numerical and digital twin of an autonomous innovative system that has not been done before in Turkey and ITU, especially taking into account the boat movements and stability, of a charging boat and its systems, all of which are charging units. The study involves a comprehensive evaluation of the system's performance by comparing the six degrees of freedom movements and acceleration characteristics of the boat, determined through meticulous boat analysis. Additionally, a lightweight and space-efficient system prototype has been developed, requiring minimal mechanical intervention to the boat hull. The propulsion system incorporates electric motors designed for direct drive, minimizing the need for mechanical fittings and addressing maintenance issues by ensuring continuous operation in water. Furthermore, an intelligent control system, governed by a fuzzy logic controller, has been developed to dynamically regulate coefficients, enhancing its efficacy in effectively inhibiting boat movements.


Related staff: Prof. Dr. Hakan Akyıldız