Development and Application of a Multi-Component Numerical Model for Estimation of Underwater Vehicle Noise

The main objective of the project is to develop and implement an analysis model that can provide an effective and comprehensive prediction of the acoustic radiation from underwater vehicles. The model is built on the following computational steps:

  • Adopting Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to determine the turbulent flow field around the vehicle.
  • Solving Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings (FWH) equation to compute the flow-induced hydrodynamic noise.
  • Using finite element analysis to obtain the extract the dynamic features of the underwater structure.
  • Employing two boundary element–finite element coupled solution schemes, one in configuration space and one in modal space, to compute the structure-borne noise.

The analysis model is applied to two underwater vehicles—a submarine-propeller system (the DARPA-SUBOFF submarine and INSEAN E1619 propeller models) excited by surrounding pressure field (obtained by CFD analysis) and an authentic underwater glider additionally excited by mechanical forces


The related staffs:
Prof. Bahadır Uğurlu
Assoc. Prof. Akif Kutlu
Res. Asst. Enes Tunca, MSc
Gürbüz Bilici, MSc
Res. Asst. İsmail Kahraman, MSc
Res. Asst. Ramazan Tufan Azrak, MSc